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Parks Rules and Regulations

Section 26-1. Rules and Regulations Adopted

  • (a) The terms “Parks,” “Parkways,” “Recreational Areas,” “Marinas” and other “Areas Operated and Maintained by the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department” are defined to mean parks, wayside parks, parkways, playground, recreation fields, museums, auditoriums, ranges and buildings, natural areas, forests or preserves, lakes, streams, canals, lagoons, waterways, water areas and beaches therein and all public service facilities conducted on grounds, buildings, and structures in Miami-Dade County that are under the control of or assigned for upkeep, maintenance or operation by the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, and all beaches and ocean areas available to the public in the unincorporated area of the County.
  • (b) The term “Park Property” when used hereinafter is defined to cover all areas, buildings, locations, and facilities described in the foregoing paragraph.
  • (c) The terms “Park Department,” “the Department” when used hereinafter are defined as “The Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department” and the term “Department Director” refers to the Director of said Department.
  • (d) The term “Department Employee” refers to individuals employed by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department with responsibilities for the safe management, security, operation or maintenance of park facilities.
  • (e) In construing the provisions hereof and each and every word, phase or part thereof where the context will permit, the definitions provided in Sections 1.01 Florida Statues shall apply.  (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Definitions, §§ 1, 2, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 74-85, § 1, 10-1-74) 


  • Traffic

    Rule 2. Traffic ordinances and state vehicle laws
    The traffic ordinances of this County [Chapter 30 of this Code] and applicable State Vehicle laws shall apply in and about all park property and in addition thereto the traffic regulations contained in this section shall be applicable. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art 2, § 2, 6-16-59)

    Rule 3. Roads and driveways within parks

    • (a) No person driving, operating, controlling or propelling any vehicle, motorized, horse drawn or self-propelled, shall use any other than the regularly designated paved or improved park roads or driveways, except when directed to do so by a police officer or department employee. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the use of any self-propelled wheelchair, power wheelchair, electric scooter, or other mobility device by an individual with a mobility impairment.

    • (b) No driver operator of any vehicle shall obstruct traffic or park or stop on any road or driveway except at a place so designated or in case of an emergency beyond his control. If so caused to stop or park for more than fifteen (15) minutes the operator shall report such fact to an officer or park employee. At places so designed and clearly marked, a vehicle may be stopped for a period of no more than fifteen (15) minutes in order for the occupant to view the scenic features. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 2, § 3, 6-16-59; Ord. No 96-95, § 1, 6-18-96)
    Rule 4. Trucks, buses, other heavy vehicles

    No truck, commercial vehicle, or bus of any type will be driven on any restricted park road or property without special authorization from the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department for the purpose of park work, service or activities except that trucks and buses used for transporting persons to a park for recreational purposes will be afforded use of ingress and egress park roads and parking facilities as provided for conventional passenger vehicles.  (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 2, § 4, 6-16-59)

    Rule 5. Non-Motorized Equipment Use
    • (a). No person shall ride, drive or propel any bicycle, tricycle, skate boards, roller skates, roller blades or similar non-motorized equipment on any but the regular vehicular roads, or paved pathways and trails designated for said purpose. No person shall deviate from compliance will all traffic ordinance provisions governing the operation of bicycles while on park property.

    • (b). No person shall ride, drive or propel any registered motorized vehicle on any but the regular vehicular roads, except that such vehicles, with motors shut off, may be pushed by hand not faster than a walk or carried over grassy areas normally reserved for the use of pedestrians.

    • (c).  The provisions of these subsections shall not apply to the use of self-propelled wheelchair, power wheelchair, electric scooter, or other mobility device by an individual with a mobility impairment.

    • (d) Violators of this provision shall pay a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) for the first violation and two hundred dollars ($200.00) for each succeeding violation. Provisions of this rule shall not apply to the operation of these vehicles on those portions of park property specifically designated for such use. (Ord. No. 99-80(b)) Parents or guardians will be held strictly accountable for the actions of minors in regards to the prohibitions in the foregoing paragraphs. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art 2, § 6, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 99-80, § 1, 7-13-99)
    Rule 6. Parking
    • (a) No person shall park a vehicle any place on park property other than in the designated facilities provided for that particular type of vehicle, unless directed otherwise by police officers or department employees who are authorized to designate other areas for parking when conditions so warrant. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the use of self-propelled wheelchair, power wheelchair, electric scooter, or other mobility device by an individual with a mobility impairment.

    • (b)  Except for County vehicles or those on official County business no operator of any vehicle shall park or permit to remain parked any vehicle on any driveway, parkway, parking area or other park property except in areas designated as twenty-four-hour boat launching areas between sunrise and sunset or as otherwise posted. (Ord. No 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 2, §  2, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 72-8, § 2, 2-1-72)

    • (c) Exception to the provisions of the two (2) foregoing subsections is to be made in reference to the restaurants and leased facilities to permit patrons of these privately operated concessions to enter in and remain in same at any hour when open for business and to use the parking areas set aside for these concessions during the same hours. The Department Director may from time to time designate other similar use areas as exempt from general park closing hours. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 2, § 3, 6-16-59)

    • (d) No Department employee shall be permitted to accept any fee or gratuity for any service concerning the parking of a vehicle except those employees assigned to areas where a stated fee is charged by the Department. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art 2, § 6(A), (B), 6-16-59; Ord. No. 96-95, § 1, 6-18-96)
    Rule 7. Use of vehicles
    • (a) No Operator of a vehicle shall tow another vehicle or wheeled device on park roads except when the towed vehicle is used in transporting a boat into a marina or other designated area or when necessary to remove a disabled vehicle. No tow vehicles shall be allowed on Department managed beaches where the Department shall provide for towing of boats or vehicles and shall be authorized to recover the costs for such service.

    • (b) No vehicles except those authorized by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department to carry passengers for hire or fare will be permitted to so operate in the parks and these vehicles will be the only ones that pedestrians may hail or make prior arrangements for rides.

    • (c) No person shall abandon change any parts, repair, wash, grease, wax, polish, or clean a vehicle on any park roadway, parkway, driveway, parking lot or other park property.

    • (d) No person shall operate any unlicensed or unregistered motorized vehicle of any kind on any park roadway, parkway, driveway, parking lot, or other park property. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to golf course golf carts and authorized maintenance equipment or vehicles designated primarily for use by individuals with disabilities or in areas specifically designated for such use. The County Manager may, however, designate with appropriate signage and in accordance with safety regulations, certain areas of parks for use by four wheeled motorized carts. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art 3, § 1, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 94-76, § 1, 5-5-94)
  • Park Property
    Rule 8. Preservation of property
    • (a) As all property in all parks is County property no person entering or being within parks or areas operated and maintained by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department shall violate the provisions of by offense against property.
    • (b)  No person shall vandalize, deface or destroy any park property or equipment within a park site. Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 5, § 2, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 86-64, § 1, 9-16-86; Ord. No. 95-82, § 1, 5-2-95)
    • (c)  No person shall damage or remove plants or plant materials, trees or parts thereof or any flowers, nuts, seeds, or fruits whatsoever, except that park personnel may be empowered to make such removals and scientists and students of botany may be issued a Special Permit for specimen collecting by the Department Director or his/her designee.
    • (d)  No person shall excavate or remove any artifact from any archeologically sensitive areas. Of particular concern are Native American burial grounds and living sites.
    • (e)  No person shall make any excavation by tool, equipment, blasting, or other means or utilize metal detectors or shall construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary, or run or string any public utility into, upon, across or over any parks, recreation and open space lands unless authorized by permit or easement.
    • (f)  No fires shall be built by any person against or adjacent to any park building, structure, tree or plant or near the property of others or in any area of any park except in such areas as are specifically designated for fire building, nor shall any person drop, throw and permit to be scattered by any means, hot coals, lighted matches, burning tobacco products or any other flammable material within any park area or any highway, road or street abutting or contiguous thereto.
    • (g) No person shall build, light or cause to be lighted, any fire upon the ground or beach or other object in any area except in an approved grill, stove, fireplace or other suitable container, nor shall any person starting a fire leave the area without extinguishing the fire.
    • (h) No person shall use a grill or other device in such a manner as to burn, char, mar or blemish any bench, table, or other object of park property. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art 4, 6, 6, 6-16-59)
    • (i)  No person shall stand or sit on any fence rail or on any picnic table or any other structure not intended for such use in park or parkway. (Ord. No 59-14, Rules, Art 3, § 2, 6-16-59)
    Rule 9. Protection and preservation of wildlife
    • (a) No person shall molest, harm, frighten, kill, net, trap, snare, hunt, chase, shoot or throw or propel by any means missiles at any wildlife roaming free about a park or in captivity in a zoo cage, nor shall any person remove or possess the young of any wild animal or the nest or eggs of any reptile or bird or to collect, remove, possess, give away, sell or offer to sell, buy or offer to buy, or accept as a gift any specimen dead or alive of any animal within a park, unless specifically authorized by the Director of the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department. This provision is not intended to limit any program for the purpose of control of nuisance wildlife as set forth in Rule No. 10 below.
    • (b) No person shall disobey posted notice prohibiting feeding zoo animals, birds or reptiles.
    • (c)  No person shall place, dump, abandon or leave any animal, reptile or bird, either wild or domestic on the grounds of any zoo or park. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 3, § 3, 6-16-59)
    Rule 10. Control of Nuisance Animals
    • (a)  Definitions. When used in this rule the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:
    1. Exotic Animal:  A non-native animal species that occurs in South Florida, as a result of direct or indirect, deliberate or accidental actions by humans, which shall include, but not be limited to, all domestic, semi-domestic or feral animals.
    2. Native Animal:  An animal species that occurs naturally in or is indigenous to South Florida.
    3. Natural Resource Park:  A Natural Resource Park shall mean any of the current so designated parks and any park acquired or opened by the Department after the effective date of this ordinance that contains more than two (2) acres (cumulative) of pine rockland, hammock, freshwater wetland, coastal wetland, or scrubby flatwood plant community.
    • (b)  The introduction by any person of any exotic animal and the placement, abandonment or leaving of any animal in a County park or in public areas immediately adjacent to a County park is strictly forbidden.
    • (c)  The feeding by any person of any exotic or native animal in a County park or in the public areas immediately adjacent to a County park is hereby strictly forbidden unless specifically authorized by the Department Director.
    • (d) Exotic animals, with the exception of those authorized by the Director, roaming free in County parks are hereby declared to constitute a nuisance. The Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department Director has the authority and responsibility to establish process and procedures to control and remove from the park, the species which are declared to constitute a nuisance.
    • (e)  The Director of the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department is hereby authorized, in consultation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, to declare certain native species located in identified parks to constitute a nuisance.  Native species shall be determined to be a nuisance when, in the discretion of the Director of the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, in consultation with staff of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the number, location, behavior or other characteristics of the native species or the remains of deceased animals constitute a hazard to human health and/or safety or to the resources of the particular park.
    Rule 11. Domestic animals
    • (a) No person shall be permitted to take any domestic animal other than a horse, as provided in Rule 21 below, into any park whether on leash, in arms or running at large, dogs in particular being excluded from parks, and provisions of Miami-Dade County Dog Control Ordinance No 58-28 [Sections 5-3—5-15] shall apply to any and all park property, except for those areas specifically designated for dogs or other domesticated animals. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the use of a service animal, which means any dog guide or other animal individually trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.
    • (b)  Cattle, horses, mules, swine, sheep, goats, or fowl shall not be allowed upon park property and all owners or attendants of such animals are charged with the duty of preventing such occurrences. This prohibition does not apply to animals and fowl kept by the Parks Department or under its direction. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 4, § 10, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 96-95, § 1, 6-18-96)
    Rule 12. Aircraft
    • (a) No person operating, directing, or responsible for any airplane, helicopter, glider, balloon, dirigible, parachute or other aerial apparatus (excluding kites) will take off from or land in or on any park land or waterway, except when human life is endangered or written permission has been obtained from the Department Director. Take off from and landing in any natural resource area, and the environmentally sensitive Deering Estate at Cutler is specifically prohibited except when human life is endangered.
    • (b)  No person operating any aircraft shall do any stunt flying over or fly lower than 1,000 feet above the highest obstruction located in any park or recreation areas that are considered to be populated areas requiring compliance with Federal Aviation (FAA) Administration regulations regarding same. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 6, § 1, 6-16-59)
    Rule 13. Closing of parks
    • (a) No person shall be or remain in any part of any park that is fenced in or provided with gates between the closing of the gates at night and their reopening on the following day; nor shall any person be or remain in any park not fenced in or provided with gates, between sunset and sunrise or as specifically posted, except in areas designated as twenty-four- hour boat launching areas, and except that persons and vehicles may pass through such parks without stopping, on the most direct walk or driveway leading from their point of entrance to the exit nearest to their point of destination. The provisions of this section shall not apply to police officers or department employees while in the discharge of their duties nor to persons having a permit in writing issued by the department to be or remain in any part of the parks between such hours. The Department Director has the authority to establish exceptions to the closing hours as set forth above when it is in the interest of the public health, safety or welfare and such exceptions shall be posted. (Ord. No 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 2, §  1, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 72-8, § 1, 2-1-72)
    • (b)  No person shall enter upon any part of any park, which is in an unfinished state or under construction or withheld from general public usage in the interest of public safety, health and/or welfare unless specifically permitted by the department Director. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 2, § 4, 6-16-59)
  • Recreational Activities by Permit Only
    Rule 22. Boating
    • (a) No person shall bring into or operate any boat, yacht, cruiser, canoe, raft or other water craft (except non-motorized toys too small for human occupancy) in any park property watercourses, bays, lagoons, lakes, canals, rivers, ponds, or sloughs other than those designated for such use or purpose by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department and then only in strict conformance with Metropolitan Safe Boating Ordinance No. 59-46, [Ch. 7 of this Code]
    • (b)  No person shall moor, anchor or tie up to the bank or any wharf, dock, tree, building, rock or any object or structure on the bank in waters within or contiguous to any park within two hundred (200) feet of the shore line unless the owner, or his representative, of the boat, houseboat, barge, vessel, ship or watercraft of any kind whatsoever, has obtained written permission from the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces department, except that if the boat or ship is the property of the government of the United States, or is in distress, or ties up at a dock, wharf or pier designated for such purpose and then only long enough to enable the occupants to obtain repairs, towing service, food, fuel, water, bait, tackle or marine supplies. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 4,  § 3, 6-16-59)
    • (c)  Public docks or shore line or bank facilities are provided in Parks, Recreation and Open Space areas for dockage and other marine uses and purposes, but shall be used only after arrangements have been made with the park dockmaster who shall assign space and collect reasonable rental charges in accordance with established regulations and rates. Dockmasters shall lend emergency assistance if such should be required.
    • (d) No motorboats shall be operated on park waters unless equipped to divert their exhaust under water or to otherwise muffle the sound thereof. (Ord. No 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 3, § 3, 6-16-59)
    • (e) Regulations and rules covering conduct in reference to occupancy and use of docking and mooring facilities are set forth on each permit and violation of the same will be punishable by revocation of the permit in addition to any other punishment that may be imposed in accordance with law. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 3, Art. 2, § 1, 6-16-59)
    Rule 23. Permit to operate boats for rent or hire
    • (a) Permission to rent, hire or operate for charge any kind of boat, water craft, whether powered or not, on any park waters or from any park dock, mooring or marina area, shall be reserved for the Park Department or regularly licensed operators. Any boat operating for any commercial activity or for hire, or carrying passengers for money, or contemplating same, before docking or mooring or receiving such passengers at any dock or wharf or landing place or anchorage in the park jurisdiction shall obtain a special permit from the Department.
    • (b) It shall be necessary for any person operating passenger launches or excursion boats from park waters for rent or hire or carrying passengers for money who desires to maintain a scheduled boat line to land, anchor or tie up in any park area, either seasonal or annual, to make formal written application to the Park Department and upon receiving permission to operate such boat lines or liveries such permittee shall be subject to all the rules and regulations governing the operation of boats in park waters, including the inspection requirements of the Department. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 3, Art. 2, § 2, 6-16-59)
    Rule 24. Picnic shelter permit
    • (a) Normally the larger picnic shelters and their facilities will be used only on reservation which must be obtained in advance and must be for a specific time and duration. However, picnic shelters may be used by the public without charge during unreserved periods. Reservations for picnic shelters shall be subject to the provisions of the permit and use of picnic areas must comply with park rules concerning same.
    • (b) Unless permitted by the Department Director, financial arrangement in connection with picnics held in a park, either on a reserved basis or otherwise, must be made outside the limits of the park, and the sale of tickets, acceptance of money, soliciting or accepting donations or offerings, in order to defray the expense of a picnic or to realize a profit therefore is prohibited and subjects a permit holder to immediate cancellation of said permit. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 3, Art. 2, § 3, 6-16-59)
    Rule 25. Camping

    There shall be no camping or overnight stay in parks unless authorized by the Park Manager. Camping in permanent cabins constructed by the Park Department or in privately owned tents erected under Park Department permit and used by groups of persons under adequate supervision are the only types of overnight camping that shall be allowed in the parks. Hence, the bringing into a park and using for overnight occupancy any house trailer, camp trailer, camp wagon, or any other form of moveable structure or special vehicle, except in areas designated for that purpose by the Park Department, is prohibited. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 3, Art. 2, § 4, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 66-61, § 1, 11-15-66)

  • Sanitation
    Rule 26. Pollution of waters

    Using the fountains, drinking fountains, ponds, lakes, streams, bays, or any other bodies of water within the parks, or the tributaries, storm sewers or drains flowing into them as dumping places for any substance or matter or thing which will or may result in the pollution of said waters is strictly prohibited. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 5, § 1, 6-16-59)

    Rule 27. Refuse, trash, and destruction of park property
    • (a) No person shall deposit or drop or place any refuse including bottles, broken glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage, tobacco products or containers of foil upon the ground or on any other park property except in receptacles provided for trash disposal. At no time shall any petroleum products be disposed of on park property except into those containers provided at marina facilities for that purpose.

    • (b) No person shall bring to or use any water or beverage container made of glass on any beach available to the public in the unincorporated area of the County.

    • (c) No person shall deposit into any recycle bin or container any material other than that for which it is intended. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Art. 5, § 2, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 86-64, § 1, 9-16-86; Ord. No. 95-82, § 1, 5-2-95)
  • Undesirable Acts and Behavior
    Rule 28. Noise

    No person entering or upon parks, recreation and open space areas shall make excessive unnecessary noise and all provisions of Chapter 21-28 and 21-28.1 of the Miami-Dade County Code shall apply to and be enforced in all park areas

    Rule 29. Merchandising, vending, peddling, etc.

    No person, organization or firm other than licensed concessionaires permitted by and acting under the authority of the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department will expose or offer for sale, rent or trade, any article or thing, or station or place any stand, cart, or vehicle for the transportation, sale or display of any article or merchandise within the limits of any parks, recreation and open spaces area. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rule, Part 2, Art. 3, § 4, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 85-56, § 3, 7-16-85)

    Rule 30. Advertising and publicity and signs

    No person shall advertise or obtain publicity through any means whatsoever within or upon any park property, except as permitted by Article 6 of the Miami-Dade County Home Rule Charter. To insure compliance, specific approval in advance and in writing from the Department Director is required and such approval shall be so worded as to prohibit damage to or marring of park property or vegetation, disturbance of park patrons or the display of anything unsightly or in disharmony with park beauty. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art 3, § 5, 6-16-59)

    Rule 31. Public demonstration, gatherings, performances, speeches, etc.

    The County Manager in conjunction with the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department Director has the responsibility and authority to establish guidelines for the permitting for demonstrations, gatherings, performances or other mass assemblages at County parks. Such rules and regulations shall be codified in Administrative Order 8-3, as amended, and be readily accessible to the public.

    Rule 32. Under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol intoxication

    No person who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be permitted entry to parks or recreation areas and if discovered therein will be ejected forthwith.

    Rule 33. Intoxicating liquors, beer, wine, etc.

    Drinking of alcoholic liquors or beverages and the bringing of such into the park areas shall be permitted only under the circumstances set forth in the following paragraphs:

    • (a) At certain special specifically designated facilities where meals or lunches are served under concession privileges, the sale of alcoholic liquors or alcoholic beverages by such concessionaire or his employees will be permitted under strict regulation, being restricted to certain hours of the day and under the special authorization and control of the Department. Such sales shall be made only in individual cups (not in original packages or otherwise in bulk) and shall be served for consumption on the immediate premises of the concession and such sales of beer and wine are to be permitted only in open containers for consumption on the immediate premises of the concession except that the sale of unopened containers through concessions furnishing boats will be permitted.
    • (b) At picnic parties during hours of noon to sundown; and can only be consumed at picnic shelter areas or areas specifically designated by the Department Director. Special events as designated by the Department Director shall be exempt from the provisions of this paragraph.
    • (c) Owners of boats or vessels regularly docked or moored at or in park marina areas, or occupants of cabanas, shall be permitted to transport alcoholic liquors or beverages across park properties for use on board said boats, vessels, or in cabanas only. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art 4, § 1, 6-16-59; Ord. No. 97-36, § 1, 5-6-97)
    • (d) The consumption of alcoholic beverages is specifically prohibited by those directing, participating in, or spectators of any athletic events, and in particular youth activities and programs organized by the County or self-organized and authorized under permit by the Department.
    Rule 34. Proper use of facilities
    • (a) No person over the age of ten (10) shall occupy such seats or benches or enter into such pavilions or other park structures or sections thereof that are reserved or designed by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department for the exclusive use of the opposite sex unless providing personal assistance to a person with a disability, when no unisex facility exists. Children ten (10) years of age and under entering such opposite sex facilities must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • (b) No person will loiter in or around any restroom, dressing room or bathhouse, picnic shelter, wooded or natural area. (Ord. No. 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 3, § 8, 6-16-59)
    Rule 35. Gambling

    No person or organization shall conduct raffles, bingo games, or card games for money or drawings for prizes or participate in any other forms of gambling within park limits. (Ord. No 59-14, Rules, Part 2, Art. 3, § 2, 6-16-59)

  • Enforcement and Obedience to Rules
    Rule 36. Authority of Miami-Dade Police Department officials and Park Department officials
    • (a)  It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Miami-Dade Police Department to enforce all State laws, County ordinances, and in conjunction with Department employees, enforce all regulations and rules as well as all provisions of permits issued by the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department within the following areas of the County:
      • All parks and other areas maintained and operated by the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department;
      • All beaches and ocean areas east of the State designated erosion control line and made available to the public in the unincorporated area of the County and in municipalities.
    Section 8CC-10. Schedule of civil penalties
    Code Civil Section  Description of Violation    Penalty  
    26-1 Rule 3(a) Driving on other than approved park roadways    100.00
    26-1 Rule 3(b) Stopping on, or obstructing park roadways  100.00
    26-1 Rule 4 Truck or commercial vehicle on restricted roadway w/out authorization 100.00
    26-1 Rule 5 Other types of vehicles on any but vehicular roads   
    Subsequent offenses
    26-1 Rule 6(a) Parking in undesignated space or location 100.00
    26-1 Rule 6(b) Violation of overnight parking restriction     100.00
    26-1 Rule 7(a) Towing of vehicles on park managed beaches    100.00
    26-1 Rule 7(b) Providing taxi service w/out authorization  100.00
    26-1 Rule 7(c) Vehicle repair or cleaning on park property  100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(b) Defacement or destruction of park property   100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(c) Removal of plants or plant material 100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(d) Excavation in archeological sensitive areas of parks 100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(e) Construction or encroachment w/out authorization 100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(f) Lighting a fire or dumping in other than designated areas   100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(g) Leaving a park w/out extinguishing a fire     100.00
    26-1 Rule 8(h) Burning or defacing park equipment 100.00
    26-1 Rule 9(a) Molesting, harming or removal of wild animals from park property w/out authorization  100.00
    26-1 Rule 9(b) Feeding of any zoo animals  100.00
    26-1 Rule 9(c) Dumping or leaving wild or domestic animals in parks   100.00
    26-1 Rule 10(b) Introduction of exotic animal or leaving any animal in a park  100.00
    26-1 Rule 10(c) Feeding of animals in or adjacent to a park  
    Subsequent offenses
    26-1 Rule 11 Entering a park with a domesticated animal, in other than designated area 100.00
    26-1 Rule 12(a) Operating an aerial apparatus on park property w/out authorization 100.00
    26-1 Rule 12(b) Flying lower than 1000 feet above populated park 100.00
    26-1 Rule 13(a) Trespassing on park property after operating hours    100.00
    26-1 Rule 13(b) Unauthorized entry onto a park that is in an unfinished state or under construction   100.00 
    26-1 Rule 16(a) Swimming in other than designated park area 100.00
    26-1 Rule 16(b) Swimming with a floatation device in parks  100.00
    26-1 Rule 16(c) Erecting of structures on or in beach areas     100.00
    26-1 Rule 17 Fishing in a park in other than designated areas    100.00
    26-1 Rule 18(a) Entering a park with a weapon other than designated facilities 100.00
    26-1 Rule 19(a) Possession or use of explosives or other incendiary devises on park property  100.00
    26-1 Rule 20(a) Picnicking or cooking in a park in other than designated areas  100.00
    26-1 Rule 21 Horseback riding in a park in other than designated areas   100.00
    26-1 Rule 22(a) Bringing a watercraft in a park in other than designated areas 100.00
    26-1 Rule 22(b) Unauthorized mooring within 200 ft of park or marina 100.00
    26-1 Rule 22(c) Docking or boating in park water other than under permit   100.00
    26-1 Rule 22(d) Creation of excessive noise by boats in park waters   100.00
    26-1 Rule 23 Commercial marina activity within park waters w/out permit  100.00
    26-1 Rule 24(a) Failure to follow Picnic Shelter Permit restrictions  100.00
    26-1 Rule 24(b) Solicitation, collection of funds, ticket sales within a park 100.00
    26-1 Rule 25 Camping w/out permit or in other than designated  area 100.00
    26-1 Rule 26 Pollution of park waters 100.00
    26-1 Rule 27(a) Depositing of trash or garbage on park grounds 100.00
    26-1  Rule 27(b) Possession of glass containers on park beaches 100.00
    26-1 Rule 27(c) Use of recycle bin for other than intended purpose on park property    100.00
    26-1 Rule 29 Illegal merchandising, vending, or peddling 100.00
    26-1 Rule 30 Advertising on park property w/out authorization  100.00
    26-1 Rule 31 Public demonstration, gatherings and performances without specific authorization 100.00
    26-1 Rule 33(d) consumption of alcohol at youth athletic events  100.00
    26-1 Rule 34(a) Entering facilities designated for opposite sex (child exclusion) 100.00
    26-1 Rule 34(b)  Loitering in or about park restrooms, dressing room, bath house or nature area  100.00
    26-1 Rule 35 Gambling on park property 100.00