Request a Floating Water Meter (Construction Meter)

Sample of floating meter parts

A floating meter (also known as a construction meter) is used when water is needed for any remodeling or new construction. The property must not have a water meter installed to allow the use of the floating meter. If no service (meter box) is available floating meter can connect to a fire hydrant with the Fire Department's approval.

Floating meters are typically used by industrial entities, developers, landscape and irrigation companies in vehicles, construction job sites, and film crews. Unlike a standard meter, a floating meter is not attached or fixed to a specific site it is portable (hence the term "floating"). A new temporary account will be opened, and the floating meter can be picked up at the water distribution yard (meter shop). The meter is also returned there along with any accompanying parts and supplies. Floating meter assemblies are very heavy and can be too large to fit in the trunk of a car. It is recommended the customer use a pickup truck or similar vehicle to pick up the floating meter.

If the floating meter is to be connected to a fire hydrant, an approval is required from the appropriate Fire Department (depending on jurisdiction).

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