Construction Agreement to Start Water or Sewer Service

A Service Agreement is a mutual understanding between Miami-Dade County (WASD), Developer(s), and/or Property Owners about their reciprocal rights regarding new Water or Sewer facilities to be built in Miami-Dade County (WASD) Service area.

The reasons to apply for a WASD Agreement include the following:

images of pipe connections, fire hydrants and construction

When a Service Agreement is required

  • If your existing or new property needs a new Sewer Lateral (Please request the location if there is an existing lateral at the Utilities Information Request page before applying)
  • If your existing or new property needs a Water or Sewer main extension, or relocation of existing mains
  • If Fire Protection (Fireline) is required for your existing or new property
  • When you are going to build a Private Pump Station

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