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If you see any of the conditions below, you can either submit a service request online, email or call us. We will open an investigation to ensure your concerns are handled.

  • Potholes: Miami-Dade County does not handle potholes on private roads, private communities or communities under constructions. Only report potholes on a County-maintained road, as well as main roads in Doral, Miami Gardens and Palmetto Bay. Additionally, most municipalities are responsible for the majority of roads in their communities.
  • Damaged sidewalk: A broken or raised sidewalk or curb, both concrete or asphalt, can be reported. For damaged sidewalks where a water meter is present near the broken section, please call 311.
  • Traffic signs: Report traffic or street name signs that are down, damaged or missing. If this request is pertaining to the metal pole base sticking up out of the ground or sidewalk without a pole or sign, please call 311.
  • Bank trees 
  • Canal systems

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