Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

A cross-connection is an actual or potential link between the potable water supply (water safe for human consumption) and a non-potable source (any other type of liquid, gas or substance not fit for consumption that can affect water quality). This can cause our drinking water to become contaminated or polluted.

A cross-connection can be avoided by eliminating the link between the two sources. If the link cannot be removed, then the potable water supply must be protected through the use of a backflow prevention assembly.

The most common cross-connection is a typical garden hose, which is left submerged in a volume of water or other fluid (i.e. a garden hose left in a bucket of soapy water). Other cross-connections include kitchen sprayers in a sink filled with dirty water, irrigation systems, boilers and other appliances supplied by water.

Miami-Dade County’s Cross-Connection Control Unit was established in order to implement the rules of the Florida Administrative Code, which requires public water systems to establish cross-connection control programs to detect, prevent and eliminate cross-connections that may create an imminent and substantial danger to the public health.

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