Police Volunteer Programs


We are dedicated to promoting and ensuring the safety, education, and welfare of all citizens throughout the County, and we do that, in part, through a number of programs that contribute positively to society.

For more information on how you can participate in, or volunteer for, any of the programs listed below, please contact the individual listed within each program.

Recruiter Presentation

We welcome and appreciate all opportunities to educate and provide information to future applicants for both sworn and non-sworn positions. Please email us within four to six weeks of the event with the following information:

  • Dates and times
  • Location
  • Purpose
  • Type of presentation
  • Target audience (high school, military, community organization, etc.)
  • Title, name, email, and phone number of point of contact
  • Any additional information we may need to know

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ADA Disclaimer

To request materials in an accessible format, or if you require special accomodations, please contact our ADA Coordinator:

Phone Number(s)

  • Citizen Volunteer Program Coordinator
  • Police Explorer Program Coordinator

Email / Mail

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