Set Meter Request (Existing Services with Meter Box)

Note: If a new account is needed for change of ownership, or new tenant in commercial space and/or to turn on existing meter/account, please check with Customer Care (305)665-7477. If there is no existing water service at the property (no meter box) and new meter box is required, go to Service Installation Request.

When can you request a new water meter through New Business?

  • Properties that are currently served by well water or have an existing water service with a meter box that complies with WASD standards, are required to connect to WASD water facilities as first time connection. Please refer to the Guidelines for New Water Service.
  • For new construction or remodeling without a WASD Agreement and existing water service with a meter box that complies to WASD standards at the property before requesting a meter. 

Note: Customer(s) requesting meters will be responsible for all bills until a Disconnect or Transfer of Service(s) is Requested. Once a meter is requested, you are acknowledging that the following meter box conditions have been checked. Floating Meter has been removed. Tail piece and spacer has been installed, consumer line has been connected to the tail piece, concrete slab was installed according to Water and Sewer Design & Construction Standards, meter box and slab must be clear of debris and water, meter box and/or sidewalk must not be cracked, suitable building numbers have been affixed to the building, and street sign matching address has been installed according to Sec 33-149 (a) & Sec 28-15 (4) of the Miami-Dade County Code. For additional design construction standards details information, please visit Water and Sewer Design & Construction Standards


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