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Mosquito Control

Miami-Dade County's Mosquito control inspectors use the most effective methods, techniques, equipment and products to control the mosquito population. We want to enhance your quality of life and reduce the possibility of mosquito-transmitted disease.

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If you are experiencing significant mosquito problems, submit a service request for an inspection.


Call or contact 311.


Download the 311 Direct mobile application to report a problem.

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Planter saucer filled with water being spilled out.

Nobody likes being eaten alive by mosquitoes when the weather heats up. You don't have to stand for it any longer. Use these tips to protect yourself from these summer skeeters.

It's now easier to manage your solid waste, recycling and mosquito control services - all from the palm of your hand.

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do you know how to fight the bite?

Learn where mosquitoes may set up breeding areas around your house through this fun game.

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About Us

Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control and Habitat Management provides the full range of Mosquito Control activities countywide, including public outreach activities, mosquito population surveillance, and inspection and institution of industry standard protocol abatement measures in response to referrals from the Department of Health of suspected cases of mosquito borne diseases within the County.