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Invitation to Bid

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions include standard terms and conditions and legislative requirements that apply to all County contracts.

Bid Preparation

User department initiates a request, then:

  • Researches the market
  • Develops specifications
  • Submits electronic requisition to Strategic Procurement Department
After receiving electronic requisition
  • Reviews specifications for accuracy and completeness
  • Drafts bid for publication
  • Sets bid opening date/time mail bid solicitations as specified in section 4 of the bid package

Once the Bid Solicitation is issued, the Cone of Silence goes into effect. The Cone of Silence begins when the bid is advertised and ends when the County Manager or designee issues a written recommendation for award. Potential bidders cannot discuss any aspect of a bid that "is on the streets" with County personnel during the Cone of Silence. All communication must be in writing.

Bid Opening (Cone of Silence still in effect)
  • Bid proposals opened and tallied
  • Important bid requirements:
    • Bid proposal must be typed or printed in ink
    • Firm's authorized agent must sign bid proposal
    • Completion of Disclosure Affidavits
Bid Proposals Evaluated (Cone of silence still in effect)

Bid must be responsive and responsible.

  • Responsive - A bidder who complies with all specifications and terms set forth in the Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  • Responsible - A bidder whose reputation, past performance, business and financial capabilities indicates the bidder is capable of satisfying the terms and conditions of the ITB

Cone of Silence lifted once written recommendation has been made.

What Happens After Award?

  • Notification
  • Contracts valued at $250K or more - Recommendation for award received by mail
  • Contracts valued at less than $250K - Contracts are posted online for three business days
Important Bid Requirements
  • Performance Bond Bid Bond
  • Liability Insurance 
  • Other Requirements as Specified in the Bid 
  • Samples 
  • Manufacturer's Certification 
  • Licenses/Trade Certificates 
  • Several Governing Legislations that Pertain to Procurement
Bid and Proposal Mistakes
  • Forgetting to sign the offer
  • Submitting the offer to the wrong location
  • Submitting the offer without the title or number on the envelope
  • Overlooking special conditions or specifications of the solicitation
  • Leaving out affidavits and other documentation

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