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Pre-Qualification Certification Process

What is Pre-Qualification Certification (PQC)?

Pursuant to Miami-Dade County Administrative Order 3-39, Pre-Qualification Certification is Miami-Dade County's certification process that includes technical certification for architectural, engineering, landscape architecture, and/or land surveying and mapping professional services, affirmative action plan and vendor registration. All firms providing the above noted professional services are required to hold an active PQC at the time of proposal submission and, if selected, throughout the contract term without any lapses.

The PQC is valid for one year, as long as the licenses, qualifying professionals and any applicable requirements are met and the qualifiers remain full time employees of the firm.

Inactive/Incomplete Applications will be automatically deleted after six months.

Pre-Qualification Certification Requirements

The PQC requires that firms obtain and maintain compliance/active status in three main areas:

Vendor Registration 
In order to apply for a Pre-Qualification Certification and to receive notification for A&E Solicitations, you must select commodity code 99999 (Prequalified Architects & Engineers) when completing your vendor registration profile. Please visit the INFORMS Vendor Portal to register. Should you have any questions, please email the Strategic Procurement Department at [email protected] or call 305-375-5773  

Note: INFORMS is the vendor registration system for Miami-Dade County, it is not the Prequalification Certification.   

Affirmative Active Plan 
Legislation governing the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) does not require registered and active vendors with Miami-Dade County to submit a written AAP. Therefore, no paper submittal/renewal is required. 
When submitting the vendor registration application, the vendor affirms their compliance with AAP legislation. Refer to Sec. 2-8.1.5 of Miami-Dade County Code. A written AAP may be required should the County receive any complaints of discrimination regarding the vendor.

The Vendor Services Section is responsible for processing the Vendor Registration application. You may contact the Vendor Services Section at 305-375-5773 or visit the Vendor Registration website. If your need further clarification, please contact Nubia Jarquin at 305-375-5637.

Technical Certification 
Any firm interested in providing architectural, engineering, landscape architecture, and/or and surveying and mapping professional services to Miami-Dade County, must submit an application for Technical Certification (TC) in the TC Category of work they wish to be certified or re-certified to perform such services. Miami-Dade County's Technical Certification Committee reviews and approves firms' applications to provide professional services for various Technical Certification Categories.

Note: The Technical Certification Committee has the authority to overturn any approved or denied technical category or application upon receipt of any additional information.

Qualifier is a full-time professional employee of the firm whose project references comply with the specific Technical Category requirements and are listed on the TC Form 2.

A Qualifier may not be a Qualifier for more than one firm at any time. Any change (e.g. termination, resignation, etc.) in a qualifying agent, must be, immediately reported in writing to the Technical Certification Committee, through ISD. Failure to notify the Committee will result in a termination of your current certification and a possible denial of any future certification requests.

Full-Time Employee
Miami-Dade County defines full-time employee as an individual employed by a firm and regularly scheduled to work at least 35 hours per week. The Certification Committee in its evaluation of the firm's capabilities will only consider the experience of the full-time employed professionals.

A firm's Technical Certification is valid for two years, as long as the qualifying professional remains a full time employee of the firm.

Inactive/Incomplete Applications will be automatically deleted after six months.

Is my firm registered with Miami-Dade County?

Please note that in order to proceed with the Pre-Qualification process your firm must be an Active Registered Vendor with Miami-Dade County.

1. Visit the Online Vendor Registration page to search if your firm is a registered vendor with Miami-Dade County or contact Vendor Services Section at 305-375-5773 for assistance.

2.  When you receive the approval notification from INFORMS, please forward it to [email protected] with the following information: Company’s name (as registered with Miami-Dade County):

Contact person name:
Contact person email address:
Screen shot from INFORMS showing active status:
Bidder/Supplier ID:

Applications must be submitted according to the 2024 PQC/TC schedule.

Prequalified and Technically Certified A&E firms

The report lists architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, geology, and/or land surveying and mapping services firms that are currently prequalified and technically certified to provide professional services to Miami-Dade County. 
For verification, please access the PQC TC Report.

Report by Categories 

Login to the Pre-Qualification/Technical Certification module

  • Update your firm's PQC/TC address and/or contact information 
  • Apply for a new Pre-Qualification Certification
  • Pre-Qualification Certification renewal 
  • Technical Certification renewal
  • Complete and submit an incomplete TC Application
  • Add a new category to an existing Technical Certification 
  • Recertify existing Technical Categories
  • Remove existing Technically-Certified Categories
  • Add new qualifiers to existing Technically-Certified Categories
  • Remove qualifiers from existing Technically-Certified Categories
  • Recertify Technical Categories with new qualifiers

For information regarding pre-qualification and/or Technical Certification, please call 305-375-5637 or email [email protected].