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Retiree Insurance Topics

Continuation of Insurance after retirement

You must complete and submit a Retiree Insurance Application to the Benefits Division to continue your coverage into retirement. You will be billed for these benefits after your retirement date.

Your Optional Life insurance will be cancelled upon your retirement. You can convert up to the total benefit amount, to a whole life policy, directly with the insurance carrier. Information about how to do so, and the costs involved will be mailed to you with your billing calendar.

Your Vision Insurance will be cancelled upon your retirement. You will be notified of your rights to continue coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) and may continue coverage with the carrier directly. Information about how to do so will be mailed to you.

Making insurance payments after retirement

Once the Benefits Division confirms your last payroll deduction, an Annual Retiree Billing Calendar will be mailed to you, provided you have submitted the Retiree Insurance Application. This billing calendar will include a monthly premium breakdown for the balance of the calendar year. You will be responsible to pay your insurance premiums through the current billing month. Thereafter, premiums are due on the first day of the month. For that reason, we recommend that you budget for approximately three months of insurance premiums, since your first pension check may not arrive for approximately sixty (60) days from the date of retirement.

If you and/or your covered dependent turn 65 subsequent to your retirement, there may be a change in your premium. If a plan election is required, you will receive information from us approximately (3) months prior to you/or your spouse’s 65th birthday. If no election is required we will send you a new billing calendar prior to the month your premium changes.

Insurance payment options

Most retirees elect to have their premiums withheld from their monthly pension checks issued by the Florida Retirement System (FRS). To have your insurance premiums deducted from your FRS check, you must complete a Payroll Authorization Form and remit with your application or with your first premium payment to the Benefits Division. Deductions begin about 60 days thereafter. You are responsible to send your payments to the Benefits Division until pension deductions begin. The insurance deduction will be reflected on your FRS check stub.

You may also elect to pay your premium by check or money order. Payments are due in our office on the first day of each month. Accounts are subject to cancellation if the premium payment is not received by the 30th day of the month for which payment is due. Make checks payable to Miami-Dade County and indicate your Retiree Identification Number on all checks.

Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS) eligibility

Eligible retirees receive $5.00 per month for each year of service credit earned at retirement. The subsidy is at least $30 per month and no more than one-hundred fifty dollars ($150) per month. It is intended to help offset the cost of your health insurance coverage. You may contact the Division of Retirement at (844) 377-1888 for any Subsidy questions, or write to:

Division of Retirement
P.O. Box 9000
Tallahassee, Florida 32315-9000

Cancellation of insurance under the Retiree Group

You may cancel your medical insurance coverage at any time. The insurance company or the County will not cancel your coverage unless:

  • premiums are not paid on a timely basis
  • coverage under the Master Contract is cancelled
  • you move out of the service area
  • you are enrolled under an HMO and become eligible for Medicare
  • your covered dependent children reach the contract limiting age

You may only cancel your dental coverage:

  • if you elect cancellation at the end of a calendar year; or
  • you enroll under an HMO Medicare Plan; or
  • you cancel your entire coverage with the Retiree Group

Adding spouse to retiree health insurance plan

You need to apply to add your spouse to your medical/dental insurance plans within 45 days following the date of marriage or the date your spouse loses his/her insurance coverage. You need to send us a written request and a marriage certificate, when applicable.

Health insurance plan after retiree’s death

If you die, dependents covered under your retiree medical and/or dental insurance will be offered COBRA in accordance with Federal Law. Continuation of benefits may continue under COBRA for up to 36 months.

Canceling insurance after becoming eligible for Medicare

In order to cover eligible dependents, retirees must be enrolled in a Group Health plan. If you cancel your medical coverage upon becoming eligible for Medicare, dependents covered under your retiree medical will be offered COBRA in accordance with Federal Law. If you cancel your dental coverage, your covered dependents will be offered COBRA. Continuation of benefits may continue under COBRA for up to 36 months. All cancellations are irrevocable; once cancelled, coverage will not be reinstated.

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