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Elevator Violation Codes

Elevator Violation Codes

Instructions for new violation codes to be used with new inspection reports.

The listing included below is a new list of violation codes which are based upon those prepared by the state of Florida. The codes should be largely identical to those used by the state. The violation codes consist of five characters, both alpha and numerical. Those for electric elevators begin with an E, hydraulic elevators begin with an H, escalators begin with an S, moving walks begin with an M, and other units such as dumbwaiters, residence units and others begin with an O.

There is one violation code that we have added to the list which you may find useful, "O999n," which is: "Other violation – see notes."

We have included a brief narrative of the code violation descriptor, and the relevant ASME A17.1 -1996 (with addendums) code, as well as the same violation equivalent ASME A17.1- 2000 code., as a cross reference. The violation codes are designed to be used only with the new inspection report form. This list is shown on our webpage as an Adobe PDF file, and is easily searchable. If you have problems with the list, call the Office of Elevator Safety at 305-375-1577.

In accordance with the Florida Statutes Chapter 399, Florida Administrative Code 61C-5 and Chapter 30 of the Florida Building Code, the Office of Elevator Safety may impose fines of up to $1,000 for certain violations of the statute and of various codes.