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Alcohol Warning Signs - Laws

Food and package store owners and operators that sell alcoholic beverages must post warning signs that indicate when alcohol use is illegal. Signs must measure at least 11 inches by 17 inches with the following printed in English, Spanish and Creole:
  • It is unlawful to possess an open container of alcohol while driving or riding in a motor vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol is unlawful. Violators are subject to immediate arrest and impoundment of their vehicle. Remember: Just one bottle of beer or other alcoholic drink could land you in jail.
  • Es ilegal poseer un contenedor abierto de alcohol mientras conduce o viaja en un vehículo motorizado. Conducir bajo la influencia del alcohol es ilegal. Los infractores están sujetos a la detención inmediata y la incautación de su vehículo. Recuerda: solo una botella de cerveza u otra bebida alcohólica podría llevarte a la cárcel.
  • Li ilegal pou posede yon resipyan ki louvri nan alkòl pandan wap kondwi oswa monte nan yon otomobil. Kondwi anba enfliyans a alkòl se ilegal. Vyolatè yo sijè a arestasyon imedya ak pèt nan machin yo. Sonje byen: sèlman yon sèl boutèy byè oswa lòt bwason ki gen alkòl ta ka peyi ou nan prizon.
Signs shall be prominently posted on the outside of each display case and cooler containing alcoholic beverages. For example, if there is a display case for beer in the rear of the store and a cooler of beer in the front of the store, a sign would have to be posted on both the display case and the cooler.

Decal signs that have letters printed on a transparent background, so that customers can still see the products offered for sale through a glass door of a display case, are permitted. Violations of this law carry a civil fine of $500 for each violation.

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