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Thrive 305 Idea Board

Thrive305 is the largest public engagement initiative in Miami-Dade County government’s history. The initiative kicked off with a County-wide survey followed by a series of large-scale discussions to collect ideas and planning workshops to convert those ideas into actions. County employees anonymously submitted ideas to improve services and create enhancements. These valuable submissions were reviewed and considered. See updates and responses shared below.


Idea Submission: Developing virtual/ in-person services featuring service animals may help alleviate stress. Kids can also read to service animals to encourage literacy and story time attendance.

Response: This is a brilliant idea which we already have in place with our Paws to Read and Furry Tales Program. These are examples of both our in-person and virtual service animal programs.

Idea Submission: Most people, even existing library users, see libraries as just books and story time. Widespread, detailed ads promoting free resources are needed.

Response: Agreed. We will continue to do more to promote our resources. We currently do media buys year-round, including TV, radio, print, and digital ads. We also use social media and non-paid promotion through newsletters, free media, posters and flyers. 

Idea Submission: Libraries that have outside space can come up with interactive programs where patrons can bring their own materials and participate.

You’re right. These program are very popular. We have outdoor dance classes, stargazing and story times among the programs that have been presented.  More outdoor programs are also in the works.

Idea Submission: I would love it the Library offered inclusive programs for our deaf patrons. 

Response: The Library is committed to being inclusive and serving deaf patrons. Here are some of the different ways we ensure accessibility to our programming:
  • American Sign Language (ASL) learning programs presented in-person and virtually, as well as a recorded online ASL classes available on YouTube
  • In-person ASL programs presented by Waving Hands, a local nonprofit
  • Baby Sign Language classes
  • Live transcription on our Zoom programs
  • Sign language interpreters may be requested for both in-person and online programming
  • The ADA statement is included on all posters and flyers. Branch managers can provide sign language interpreters upon request
  • Sign language interpreters are on staff for large events such as the Family Festival

Idea Submission: Since re-opening with safety measures, library cards are issued without the paper form. Let’s continue to save the trees!

Response: You will be happy to learn that about 30% of new library cards are issued online via our e-card. We have also consolidated our paper applications from three separate languages to an all-in-one single page application. While use of paper applications is diminishing, it is still preferred by many patrons and staff.

Idea Submission: A voice activated microphone or some hardware to connect to goggle translate or some other translation software would allow staff to better serve non English speakers.

Response: Glad to report the Department pilot-tested Alexa devices at various locations for exactly this purpose. We will be evaluating a wider rollout throughout the branches.

Idea Submission: Create an online forum where patrons can track the books they’ve read, share experiences with others and recommend books. Maybe a fun system where users can score points for using library services.

Response: Great idea! We currently have functionality in our catalog for readers to assign star ratings and comment on books they have read. Soon, we are also transitioning to a new catalog/discovery platform that will have much more interactive and engagement functionality to make more, as you suggested, possible. 

Idea Submission: Part-timers need access to Office 365 Desktop Applications. The web version is not always adequate for certain tasks.

Response: Part-timers that work in library branches generally do not have their own assigned computer, but work from a shared computer, such as those at a public service counter. That, combined with frequent turnover in part-time positions results in the need to frequently repurchase desktop licenses. The web-based version has been a reliable option given the duties and functions of most of our part-time employees. Of course, there are always exceptions and we will take a closer look and consider going to the desktop version for all employees.

Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces

Idea Submission: Parks should have more programs to entertain people of different age groups.

Response: Miami-Dade Parks are for everyone. Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department is committed to ensuring every resident has access to affordable, inclusive and outstanding recreational programs and experiences. Programs include the Active Older Adults program with swimming, tennis, Tai Chi and Zumba Gold classes.

Idea Submission: Miami could be refreshing if more parks had water features for children to play.

Response: Hot summers can be a little cooler at Miami-Dade County Parks splash pools, splash pads, pools and aquatic centers. Here’s a video with a Splash Pad in South Dade, like the one described in Key Biscayne. Others are available throughout the parks system to refresh visitors, add to the fun and keep everyone thriving through the heat.

Idea Submission: Provide matching funds or grants to County residents to purchase trees from local stores or nurseries for home beautification and to increase the tree canopy.

Response: Neat Streets Miami, a County board established through Board of County Commissioners Resolution and housed in PROS, increases the tree canopy through plantings and tree giveaways to residents. Through its Million Trees Miami program, Neat Streets Miami has a set goal of planting one million trees and obtaining a 30 percent tree canopy. In 2020 alone, despite the fundraising, planting and giveaway event challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Neat Streets Miami and Million Trees Miami raised $850,825 in tree planting grant funds, hosted 25 completed planting projects, planted 2,551 trees, gave away 525 trees to County residents, and installed 3,636 additional plants in Miami-Dade. We are all thriving because of Neat Streets Miami and the Million Tress Miami initiatives at PROS.

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