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Current Annexation Requests - South

These municipalities located in south Miami-Dade County have requested to annex unincorporated areas.

Public Notice

A public hearing is scheduled for Monday, November 6, 2023, at 10 a.m. on the Proposed Annexation to the City of Florida City of the Unincorporated Area known as Area “J”.

Florida City - Area J

In 2021, the Florida City Commission adopted a resolution approving the submittal of an application to Miami-Dade County for the annexation of an 10-acre 96 parcels (288 acres) of an unincorporated area referred to as Area “J” adjacent to the Florida City boundary.

Area boundaries
  • North by Southwest 328th Street (SW 7th Street)
  • East by Southwest 192nd Avenue
  • South by Southwest 344th Street
  • West by Southwest 199th Avenue
The proposed annexation area is comprised of 96 parcels, 288 acres in size.