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Current Annexation Requests - South

These municipalities located in south Miami-Dade County have requested to annex unincorporated areas.

Public Notice

A public hearing is scheduled Friday, Sept. 17 at 3 p.m. on the Proposed Annexation to the City of Florida City of the Unincorporated Area known as Area “I”.

Florida City - Area I

In 2020, the Florida City Commission adopted a resolution approving the submittal of an application to Miami-Dade County for the annexation of an 10-acre unincorporated area on the city's southwestern limits.

Area boundaries
  • North by Southwest 7th Street
  • East by (theoretical) Southwest 9th Avenue
  • South by (theoretical) Southwest 9th Street by Southwest 
  • West by Redland Road (Southwest 187th Avenue)
The proposed annexation area is comprised of two vacant parcels, each 5 acres in size.