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FY 2023 Regional Technology and Innovation Hub Program Phase 2 Notice of Funding Opportunity

This notice seeks to inform the public of Miami-Dade County Office of Innovation and Economic Development’s intent to submit a Phase 2 grant application to the U.S. Department of Economic Development Administration (EDA) under the active FY 2023 Regional Technology and Innovation Hub Program Phase 2 Notice of Funding Opportunity No. (FOA) EDA-TECHHUBSPHASE2-2023, CFDA Number: 11.039 due February 29, 2024. 
Through the Regional Technology and Innovation Hub Program (Tech Hubs Program), and in line with 15 U.S.C. § 3722a(b)(1), EDA seeks to strengthen U.S. economic and national security through place-based investments in regions with the assets, resources, capacity, and potential to become globally competitive, within approximately ten years, in the technologies and industries of the future. Investments aim to enable those industries, companies, and the good jobs they create to start, grow, and remain in the U. S. The Tech Hubs Program will support the growth and modernization of U.S. manufacturing and improve commercialization and domestic production of innovative research.

The Tech Hubs Program aims to identify and invest in regions, with a focus on geographic diversity and equity, where an EDA investment can catalyze self-sustaining growth that centers on a selected core technology area and that leads to global competitiveness over the next decade. This federal grant program is a two-phase competition. Miami-Dade County submitted a Phase 1 grant application on August 15, 2023 in collaboration with 20 public, private, academic, labor, and NGO sector consortium members to request formal designation from the EDA for the South Florida Climate Resilience Tech Hub (“the Tech Hub”), Attachment A.

On October 23, 2023, Miami-Dade County announced that it had successfully received notice of designation and further encouragement from the EDA to submit a Phase 2 application on behalf of the EDA-designated consortium. Under the current Phase 2 NOFO,  applicants will compete for grant funds of $40-75 million for implementation projects that propel the Hub’s chosen geography and technology into self-sustaining global competitiveness. Miami-Dade County will serve as the lead applicant and will submit the Overarching Narrative in the Phase 2 application. EDA requires that Component Project Applications be included as part of the Phase 2 application. Per this EDA requirement and to comply with local, state and federal procurement and contracting policies, Miami-Dade County hereby issues this Request for Component Applications.
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