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Getting to a Million Trees

In 2006, the County adopted the Street Tree Master Plan which set the ambitious goal of achieving 30 percent tree canopy. In order the reach this goal, we launched the "Million Trees Miami" campaign with the intention that with each tree planted and each partner that joins in the effort, we take one step closer to reaching our goal of having a healthy, sustainable, and attractive urban forest.

Why 30 Percent?

Our targets are based on the following tree canopy structure:
  • 50 percent tree canopy in suburban residential
  • 25 percent tree canopy in urban residential
  • 10 percent tree canopy in the urban core (this equals 28.3 percent)


Miami-Dade County has committed to planting 30 percent of the million trees. That's 300,000 trees. In order to plant the other 700,000, we are reaching out to our cities, schools, universities, institutions, corporations, and residents to join our effort.