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Park Watch Program

  • What is Park Watch?
    Park Watch is a crime prevention program for your neighborhood park. Like a neighborhood crime watch, it helps provide youths, adults and senior citizens with information to eradicate crime, drugs and gangs from our parks. You are the solution; your eyes and ears are a valuable crime prevention tool.

    How does Park Watch Work?
    Because residents know their community parks best, they are better to spot strangers who are acting suspicious or situations that “just don’t look right.”  A concerned community can stop crime by simply reporting crime in the making to the police or park officials.  By getting to know your parks and practicing a few rules and safety tips that we provide for you, can make for a safe and enjoyable experience.

    For more information on joining or establishing a Park Watch in your neighborhood park, contact the park manager’s office or call the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department Security Office at 305-278-5197.

    Park Watch Volunteers
    Park Watch Volunteers, in essence, “adopt” their facilities. They are cognizant of the activities that occur within those facilities and further serve as the “eyes and ears” for both, Miami-Dade Parks and the Miami-Dade Police Department.

    Each Miami-Dade Parks facility — whether “manned” (meaning that it has park staff assigned on-site) or not — has a Park Manager that is directly responsible for it. These individuals are the point of contact in the Park Watch network. They coordinate the activities of the Park Watch volunteers.