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Bids and Proposal Process

The County uses a variety of competitive methods to acquire goods and services. We work closely with departments to get what they need at the best value.

All competitive solicitations for goods and services are issued through the INFORMS online bidding system.

Although the County prefers a competitive process to acquire goods and services, in unusual circumstances, where the claim can be adequately justified, a bid waiver or a sole source process may be used. Take a look at some of the items on our Advanced Notice to Waive Competition listing. If you believe you can provide the goods or services we are looking for, please let us know.

Invitation to Bid

The standard method the County uses to acquire goods or services is the Invitation to Bid process.

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions include standard terms and conditions and legislative requirements that apply to all County contracts.

Request for Proposals

A Request for Proposals process may be used when the scope of work cannot be completely defined by the County.

Bid Protest

Pursuant to Implementing Order 3-21 bidders and proposers may protest an award recommendation by filing a written intent to protest with the Clerk of the Board within three workdays of the filing of the award recommendation.