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Goods and Services Acquisitions

The Strategic Procurement Department is the central agency for the timely acquisition of goods and services for Miami-Dade County. The Strategic Procurement Department ensures that best value goods and services are acquired according to County’s procurement guidelines from responsible vendors. There are eight distinct commodity teams that handle these procurements:
  • Technology Team is responsible for the procurement of information technology hardware, software, services, and supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information using voice, data and video.
  • Fleet Team is responsible for the procurement of goods and services related to automotive, land, water and air transportation.
  • Transit Team is responsible for the procurement of goods and services, professional services and development projects for the Department of Transportation and Public Works.
  • Operations Team is responsible for the procurement of operational products and services needed to carry out the day to day needs of County departments, including animal supplies and services, election supplies, food and catering, security services, uniforms, office resources, and contracted employee services.
  • Aviation Team is responsible for the procurement of goods and services, including concessions, for the Aviation Department.
  • Facilities Team is responsible for the procurement of facility-related equipment and services such as building materials and supplies, furniture, appliances, building automation, fire suppression, HVAC, janitorial supplies and services, and landscape supplies and services. 
  • Environmental Team is responsible for the procurement of biotic products and services such as chemicals, pest control, air emissions, refrigerant gases, as well as plumbing supplies, recycling, debris removal and construction equipment rental, and land leases.
  • Administrative Team is responsible for the procurement of services such as marketing, insurance brokerage, financial management, employee benefits, debt collection, property leases, and medical equipment supplies and services.
The County uses a variety of competitive methods to acquire goods and services. The Strategic Procurement Department works closely with departments to get what they need at the best value. All competitive solicitations for goods and services are issued through INFORMS, the online bidding system. 

Invitation to Bid
The Invitation to Bid is the standard method the County uses to acquire goods or services.

General Terms and Conditions
General Terms and Conditions include standard terms and conditions and legislative requirements that apply to all County contracts.

Request for Proposals
The Request for Proposal method may be used when the scope of work cannot be completely defined by the County.  

Request to Qualify/Prequalification Pools
The Request to Qualify method is utilized to establish a pool of vendors capable of providing goods and services through spot market competitions. Entry into the prequalification pool is not a contract between Miami-Dade County and any vendor, but an acknowledgement that the prequalified vendors meet the qualifications as outlined in the Request to Qualify.

Bid Protest
Pursuant to Implementing Order 3-21 bidders and proposers may protest an award recommendation by filing a written intent to protest with the Clerk of the Board within three business days of the filing of the award recommendation. 

Advance Notice to Waive Competition
The Advance Notice to Waive Competition is designed to inform the supplier community and the public that Miami-Dade County intends to enter into a non-competitive contract (known as a bid waiver or sole source) to purchase a product or service.