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Information Technology

We provide technology, information and business solutions for Miami-Dade County.

GIS Services

GIS Maps and Apps

GIS Self Service Maps & Downloads to find information about the County's developments and activities.

GIS Online Services
GIS Metadata

GIS Metadata provides users with the collection, creation and maintenance of data.

GIS Metadata
Request Geographic Information Systems Data

GIS data is available as a self service or, with more detailed parcel information, by subscription.

GIS Data Service

External Customers

We offer a wide variety of accessories for your fleet vehicle.

We offer a variety of accessories with installation expertise and services using the latest technology.

Fleet Vehicle Installations
Radios and Accessories to enhance field operations.

We supply a variety of radios and accessories to enhance field operations.

Radio and Accessory Purchases
We offer cost effective radio maintenance services.

Radio fleet services are available for Municipal Police Departments with a flat rate annual expense.

Fleet Radio Maintenance

Connect to the Miami-Dade County network system. This service is for authorized use only.


News & Events

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BRM Awards

Information Technology's BRM Program was awarded for its positive impact on business outcomes aligned with the technology and innovation priorities within the County.

computer with data on the screen

The upgraded Open Data Hub allows users easier access to the County's reliable data, maps and applications.

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About Us

We provide information technology services to enable and support the operations of all County departments. This makes government services more easily accessible to citizens, governmental agencies and external businesses.

Our infrastructure includes network, radio and hardware/software platforms, along with support for countywide and departmental specific applications and services. We partner with other County departments, management and key technology providers to implement and maintain technology solutions that enable efficient operations, delivery of County services.