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The Underline is a public-private partnership between the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW), the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS) Department, and Friends of the Underline.

The Underline will transform 120 acres of Miami-Dade County owned land below the existing Metrorail guideway, from the Miami River (Brickell area) to the Dadeland South Metrorail Station, into a world-class, multimodal urban trail. Once completed, The Underline will provide a walkable and bikeable corridor that will improve connectivity between surrounding neighborhoods.

The Underline will be built in three phases. Each segment of The Underline will demonstrate Miami-Dade County’s commitment to improving and enhancing connectivity. Construction of Phase 1, Brickell Backyard, started in December 2018. This segment of The Underline opened to the public on Feb. 26, 2021. Brickell Backyard is located between the Miami River and SW 13th Street – next to the Brickell station.

The Underline is expected to be completed in 2025.

Once all three phases are completed, this project will be Miami-Dade County’s first true mobility corridor uniting all modes of transportation enhancing accessibility to eight Metrorail stations within its path and the neighboring communities. The Underline will serve 107,000 residents within a 10-minute walk, will provide access to public transportation to one University and 24 schools, two hospitals, three urgent care facilities, four major malls and over 10,000 businesses.

The 10-mile corridor, which will vary from 70 to 170 feet wide, will provide pedestrian and bicycle paths, improvements to over 30 intersections, access to public transportation, lighting, and wayfinding. In addition to the transportation components, recreational features will include butterfly gardens, playgrounds, exercise equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, soccer fields, picnic areas, dog parks and more.

For questions about The Underline, send an email or visit The Underline website for more information.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of The Underline -- Brickell Backyard – is now open to the public.

This half-mile segment of The Underline runs from the Miami River to SW 13th Street next to the Brickell station. Construction of Brickell Backyard started in December 2018 and was completed in February 2021.

Brickell Backyard features urban biking and walking paths, flex basketball and soccer court, outdoor gym, nature, and butterfly gardens, gathering spaces to eat, play, discover and relax.

The Underline’s Brickell Backyard design team, James Corner Field Operations, was recently honored with the prestigious Monocle Design Award as “Best Urban Intervention” for 2021.

The construction cost for Phase 1 is approximately $14.2 million.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of The Underline is currently underway as of Fall 2021 and construction is expected to be completed in the Summer of 2023. This part of the multi-modal corridor is a 2.14-mile segment that connects SW 13th St. to SW 19th Ave.
Part of pre-construction efforts include the removal and relocation of trees along the Phase 2 segment. Within Miami-Dade County’s jurisdiction, approximately 138 trees will be removed, 223 will be relocated, and approximately 1,088 new trees will be planted. Within the City of Miami’s jurisdiction, approximately 13 tress will be removed, 3 will be relocated, and 108 new trees will be planted.
Although trees are being removed during this phase of construction, more will be planted to enhance the corridor and The Underline visitor experience.
Once construction is complete, phase 2 will add over 1,000 native trees. Of the existing trees along the Phase 2 corridor, 151 will be removed because they are in poor condition or are too close to the Metrorail train tracks and the future paths.  A certified arborist will oversee tree pruning and the relocation of 226 trees.  Any lost tree canopy will be mitigated through a contribution to the tree trust fund.  
Phase 2 is built on three key drivers: safe multi-modal transportation, nature, and community. After many presentations, public meetings, surveys, and community feedback, two of the main public interests are: having a biking and walking path, and featuring native vegetation, including trees, plants, and grass.
In order to prepare for adding over 100,000 new plants and trees to The Underline, existing trees and plants along the corridor were evaluated for their health, potential liabilities, required clearances from the Metrorail, and their location within the park.   
Phase 2 will also feature the project's first of many bioswales, green infrastructure that will help with stormwater flooding and runoff.

Read the project’s fact sheet and construction advisories.

A virtual public meeting regarding The Underline Phase 2 was held on May 25, 2021. During the meeting, the preliminary design for the amenity areas located within The Underline Phase 2 was presented to the public.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of The Underline is a 7-mile segment that connects SW 19th Avenue to Dadeland South Metrorail Station.

Currently, Phase 3 is in the Miami-Dade County procurement process. Total estimated construction cost for Phase 3 is $109 million.

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