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The Underline Phase 2

Phase 2 of The Underline is expected to be completed in spring 2024.

Phase 2 is a 2.14-mile segment that connects SW 13th Street to SW 19th Avenue. Construction began Fall 2021.

The three amenity areas in the plan for Phase 2, are the Simpson Park Playground Area, Vizcaya Station Plaza, and 17th Avenue Plaza.

Phase 2 is built on three key drivers: safe multi-modal transportation, nature, and community. After two public meetings, many presentations, surveys, and community feedback, two of the main public interests are: having safe biking and walking paths, access to nature that features native vegetation, including trees, plants, and grass.

Read the project's construction and detours advisory.

Notable project components

Phase 2 will also feature the project's first of many bioswales, green infrastructure that will help with stormwater flooding and runoff.

Other notable project components include:

  • Resting areas along the path with boulders or benches
  • Hydration stations
  • Bike repair station at Vizcaya Metrorail station
  • Bike racks
  • Dog friendly with doggie bag dispensers at each amenity area and pet water bowls
  • Trash and recycling receptacles throughout the corridor
  • LED lighting that is Dark Sky compliant
  • Green infrastructure: Bioswale native landscaping with natural infiltration planting
  • WiFi service at the Vizcaya and Simpson Park Playground areas
  • Public art
  • Programmable areas for events, cultural, educational and health and wellness programs
  • The addition of native trees and plants to attract butterflies, bees and birds.
The total project cost for Phase 2 is $20,115,110 with funds from The State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Miami.

Landscaping: Native plants and tree

One of the main focuses of The Underline project is the repopulation of native plants and trees that support the Hardwood Hammock, Pine Rockland, Pollinator and Wet Prairie ecosystems. 
  • Tree removal/replacement quick numbers: 
    • Total number of trees being removed: 331
    • Total number of trees being relocated: 108
    • Total number of trees not affected/to remain: 483
    • Total number of trees planted 537 
    • Total number of palms planted: 399 
    • Total number of large shrubs that will eventually grow into trees proposed: 191 
  • DTPW is planting about four times the amount of the trees that are being removed. 
  • Once construction for Phase 2 is completed, more than 1,000 native trees will be added to the area. 
  • Tree removal and replacement is expected to take place the first two weeks of November 2021. The pre-construction work includes preparing the area for the removal of select trees. Crews will begin in the area of SW 19th Avenue to SW 17th Avenue and continue accordingly along the corridor. 
  • The trees designated for removal are either in poor condition or too close to the nearby Metrorail train tracks and the future paths. 
  • Trees along the M-Path underneath Miami’s Metrorail tracks have been surveyed and catalogued. Every effort is made to save existing trees along the corridor that are healthy and well established. 
  • The survey, field observations, and analysis includes reviewing the following: 
    • The trees’ location in regards to proximity to adjacent streets and the vehicular recovery areas 
    • The size of the tree’s root system and potential impact to the tree if placing our paths on top of them or too close to them 
    • The tree’s health 
    • The type of pruning they have received, which oftentimes makes the trees unstable and could lead to cracking and falling 
    • Whether or not the trees are co-dominant (two or more stems or leaders that are about the same diameter and emerge from the same location on the main trunk) which, as the tree gets older, is likely to split and fall 
    • The tree’s height and proximity in relationship to the Metrorail guideway 
    • Whether they are invasive exotic species

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