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Zoning Improvement Permit (ZIP)

Certain buildings, structures, improvements and installations are exempted by the Florida Building Code from requiring a building permit, but must otherwise comply with the minimum requirements of the Miami-Dade Code (Section 33-8.1). Therefore, such buildings, structures, improvements and installations are subject to review under the Zoning Improvement Permit (ZIP) standards, as well as the regulations of the underlying zoning district.

What type of improvements require a ZIP?
The following buildings, structures, improvements and installations require a ZIP from the Development Services Division:
  • Above-ground pools
  • Balloon sign
  • Cargo container (commercial only)
  • Chickees by Miccosukee or Seminole
  • Decorative garden-type fountains
  • Flat wall sign not to exceed 40 square feet in area and a building height of 30 feet, with County-approved detail only. Check the flat wall mounting details.
  • Floating docks
  • Painted wall sign
  • Paving, drainage of existing facilities, established landscape, tennis, basketball courts, guardrails and bollards
  • Portable mini-storage unit. Learn more about the Certificate of Use (CU) - Portable Mini-Storage Unit for residential properties.
  • Railroad exemption
  • Residential awnings, canopies, fabric covered framework, trellis and pergola. You may submit an Affidavit to Allow Reduced Setbacks for Shed and Pergola with your application, if applicable.
  • Residential chain link fence (fences with concrete columns require BLDG 18 permit). Check Fence and Gates.
  • Residential decorative pools and ponds
  • Residential picket, iron, other fences non-wind resistant (fences with concrete columns require a BLDG 18 permit). Check Fence and Gates.
  • Resurfacing (commercial)
  • Sealing, stripe painting of existing parking lots
  • Stick on fabric letters, window graphics and vinyl wall signs not to exceed 40 square feet in area
  • Temporary buildings used for construction, trailer or modular

Need ZIP Assistance?

You must register and create an account through the online registration system (MeetQ) to consult with staff. Consults may be scheduled in person, by phone or virtually on the specified days and times listed on the MeetQ homepage for Zoning. For further ZIP assistance, you may contact [email protected] or call 786-315-2660.