Fences and Gates

Attention Residential Fence Permit Applicants
Save Time when Using Miami-Dade Details!

To streamline the permit issuance process, the Department is pleased to announce that effective Monday May 13, 2024, if you are proposing the installation of a stand-alone residential fence permit, you will be able to do so more efficiently. 

As a condition for obtaining this permit, you must agree to abide by the pre-approved standard fence detail provided by Miami-Dade County (MDC) and available in the forms bin at the Permit Records Section or online. The use of MDC pre-approved standard fence details allows for plans to only be reviewed by Zoning and Public Work Plan review. 

When applying, please complete the building permit application (yellow form) and include the pre-approved Miami-Dade County fence detail, a site plan, survey, and other supporting documents. 

For more information, please contact the Permit Records Section at 786-315-2100.

These are the required items, forms and standard details for fences and gates. Note: there is an additional form required for Owner-Builder permits.

Make sure to follow your homeowner association guidelines and the zoning district requirements in Miami-Dade County. Explore the Interactive Land Management Geographic Information System (GIS) map to determine your zoning district and locate your property using the address or folio number.

Note: Fence Foundation Inspections (inspection request code "082"): All non-masonry building fence permits such as wood and metal slat, will require a post hole foundation inspection prior to setting the posts.