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Plans Processing Guidelines

The Submission Portal (formerly known as Concurrent Plans Processing) allows plans and documentation to be sent electronically to multiple departments for review, thus expediting the permitting process.

What type of permit can be submitted?
The Portal allows applicants to submit new applications, plans, and/or corrections to existing applications. Use the Portal to submit the following:

What can I expect after submittal?
Permit documents are reviewed, marked up, disapproved, or approved electronically. Once the review of the documents is completed, applicants are notified by e-mail of any needed correction(s) or that the application has been approved. Once approved, fees can be paid online and your permit card along with approved documents may be printed.

Can I still submit paper plans?
Applicants who submit plans in a paper format will be assessed a conversion fee based on the current fee schedule. These fees must be paid in addition to required upfront fees prior to the documents being sent for plan review. Additionally, conversion may add extra time to the review process. For more information, call the Permit Records Section at 786-315-2100.

Review these instructions and guidelines before completing the Permit Application Submission form. If you have questions or encounter problems, email [email protected].