Expedited Services & Benefits for Affordable and Workforce Housing

The Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department (WASD) has established cross-departmental special units focusing exclusively on Affordable Housing and Workforce Housing projects seeking zoning and building approvals, including infill housing. For each process, WASD has teams dedicated to decreasing the time it takes to review utility plans, water and sewer extensions, and other development approvals incidental to construction permitting for public housing and affordable housing projects.

In addition to the accelerated timelines, dedicated staff and notifications from eBuilder, WASD’s Rules & Regulations has specific provisions, Sections 2.05(1)(f) and 3.05(1)(e), that states affordable housing or workforce housing developers, as defined by the County or in Chapter 420 of the Florida Statutes or otherwise verified, shall pay water and sewer connection charges by the later time of set meter instead of the earlier time of verification form to assist with their cash flow.

Other Benefits Already Provided by WASD

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