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Ocean Outfall Legislation Compliance Plan

The Ocean Outfall Legislation (OOL) requires utilities in Southeast Florida to eliminate the normal use of the ocean outfall by the end of 2025; to reduce nutrient discharges; and to implement a reuse system that is technically and economically feasible.

As the largest water and sewer utility in the southeastern United States. The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) serves nearly 2.4 million residents and thousands of visitors. Staff works around the clock providing high quality water and wastewater services, protecting public health and the environment. The Ocean Outfall Legislation (OOL) Program was created from a state-wide directive to reduce the practice of discharging wastewater into the ocean using existing ocean outfalls and consists of 24 major construction projects totaling over $2 billion.

aerial photo of wastewater plant

This year, the department will embark on various major wastewater treatment plant construction projects, with Jacobs acting as the Owner’s Representative for the Ocean Outfall Legislation Program.

As an example of this approach, WASD is pleased to provide this Ocean Outfall Update on some recent significant cost-saving measures for the OOL Program.
There are currently 23 active wastewater treatment plant projects, as well as 8 major wastewater treatment plant projects being solicited in 2021.

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