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Home > Water and Sewer > Capital Improvement Program > Pump Station Improvement Program

Pump Station Improvement Program

In 2013, the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) created a capital program dedicated to the assessment, rehabilitation, and improvement of its wastewater pump stations that were classified as “Out of Compliance” by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The USEPA defines a wastewater pump station as “out of compliance” when its Nominal Average Pump Operating Time (NAPOT) exceeds ten hours per day (10 hours/day). This program, referred to as the Pump Station Improvement Program (PSIP), adheres to the regulatory requirements that govern utilities in Miami-Dade County. These regulations include maintaining wastewater collection and transmissions system within acceptable levels of service, as well as ensuring that wastewater pump stations operate under the established ten hour per day criteria.

At its inception, the PSIP, managed by an engineering consultant firm that was selected to perform program management functions, was to conduct engineering assessments for 112 service areas where pump stations were operating beyond the ten-hour limit and thus were considered to be out of compliance. The result of these studies identified a total of 113 individual projects: 90 wastewater pump station upgrade and rehabilitation projects and 23 force mains installation projects.

As envisioned in 2013, the PSIP is currently in the fifth year and has expanded to a total of 147 projects, 104 of which have been completed to date. The Department is diligently working to both complete the projects that have been identified and to transition the assessment and management of all future design and construction projects associated to this capital program to WASD staff. Additionally, WASD is developing new strategies to identify pump station service areas that are experiencing an increase in operating times such that the Department can proactively address issues prior to the station going out of compliance.

Through the transition and development of key initiatives to improve the wastewater collection and transmission system, the Department remains committed to serving the 2.7 million residents in Miami-Dade County.