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Swimming Pool Permits

This page lists the required items, forms, and standard details for all swimming pool related projects. Note there is an additional form required for Owner-Builder permits.

For more information, visit How to Apply for a Permit and Homeowner’s General Permit information.

Visit Permit Exemption to verify if the work being performed requires an electrical building permit.

What swimming pool safety measures should I be aware of?

  • Always get a licensed electrician to do electrical work and never attempt to do your own electrical work
  • Never allow pool maintenance workers to perform electrical work. It is dangerous, illegal and can be fatal
  • Electrical pool equipment and underwater lights must be properly maintained
  • Never use electrically powered appliances near a pool unless the equipment is approved for water use
  • Do not position outdoor lights where they could fall or slide into the pool
  • Contact a licensed electrical contractor to perform regular electrical maintenance service
  • Keep rescue equipment near the pool and call 911 in case of an emergency
  • Pools are required to meet the low-voltage requirements at the time of repair or alteration of an existing pool light.

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