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Environmental Quality Control Board

The Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) hears petitions ranging from requests for variances from code requirements to appeals of decisions of the Director of Regulatory and Economic Resources Department and appeals of decisions of the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department or other fire departments having jurisdiction.

In addition, the EQCB reviews applications and considers any requests for modifications or extensions for compliance with the requirements of Chapter 24 of the Miami-Dade County Code.


Prior to submitting an application please contact the DERM Office of Code Coordination and Public Hearings at 305-372-6764 to schedule an appointment to submit and review the complete application. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted or scheduled for a hearing.

It is required that the application be filed by the owner(s) of the property which is the subject of the application. All owner(s) or their attorney must be present at the hearing. Other persons may speak on behalf of the applicant, but may not legally represent the property owner(s).

Letter of Intent

The letter of intent shall be signed according to the following instructions:

  • Individual Ownership
    If the property is owned by one or more individuals, the individual(s) must sign.
  • Corporation
    The Corporate name shall be followed by the President’s or Vice-President’s signature and title. An Assistant Vice-President or other corporate officer may NOT sign.
  • General Partnership
    All partners shall sign and indicate title of each.
  • Limited Partnership
    The name of the general partnership shall be followed by the signature and title of a general partner. If the general partner is a corporation, follow above instructions for a corporation.
  • Trustee
    Signature shall be followed by title.

The Clerk of the Board will mail a Notice of Hearing (Agenda) to the applicant and a pre-hearing memorandum, which highlights the staff’s position on the particular issue, approximately 10 days prior to the hearing.

For sewage treatment plant applications, the properties that may be affected by the application will be posted in a manner that provides notice of purpose, time and place of such hearing. Applicants may withdraw their applications by doing so in writing at any time prior to the hearing.

Requests for withdrawal should be directed to the Clerk of the EQCB by calling 305-372-6754.

Emergency Hearings

Under extreme circumstances, an emergency hearing may be requested. In such instances, the Board will first determine, on the basis of the petitioner's presentation, if the request represents an emergency deserving the Board's immediate attention. Otherwise, it will be deferred to the next available hearing. For further details concerning this procedure, consult with staff prior to filing.

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Petitions Heard by Board

The following is a list of the types of petitions the Environmental Quality Control Board hears:

  • Requests for variances from Chapter 24 of the Miami-Dade County Code.
  • Appeals from the decisions of the Director of the Division of Environmental Resources Management. These must be filed within 15 days from the date of the action being appealed.
  • Requests for extensions of time for compliance with the provisions of Chapter 24.
  • Requests for approval of Interim Package Sewage Treatment Plants. These must be received a minimum of 42 days prior to the hearing date.
  • Appeals of the decisions of the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department pursuant to a denial of an administrative request for a variance to the requirements of the Federal Flood Insurance Program as established under Chapter 11C of the Miami-Dade County Code.
  • Applications by private or public water or sewer service utilities for a statement of approved water quality or approved sewage service. These will be scheduled for the next available hearing date, 30 days after submission of all requested information.
  • Fire Rescue Department Appeals Section 2-103.23 of Article XIV A of the Miami-Dade County Code empowers the EQCB to hear the appeals to decisions of the fire departments. These appeals need to be filed and consulted with the appropriate fire department.

All the applications stated above should be filed with Miami-Dade County's Division of Environmental Resources Management on or before the required deadline, any petitions filed after the required deadline will be scheduled for the next available hearing date. However, scheduling of any petition for hearings will be dependent on the ability of staff to complete the required pre-hearing memorandum 15 days prior to the hearing. Therefore, categories 1, 2, 3 and 5 above, as well as the Fire Rescue Department appeals, will be scheduled for one of the first two available hearing dates (within a maximum of approximately 60 days).

All applications must include copies of any evidence, information, reports or documentation, and must include a listing of any witnesses to be used in support of the application. Such information submitted after the submission of the application would be grounds for continuation of the petition.

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Meeting Agendas, Memos and Rulings

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2018 EQCB Hearing Dates

All items advertised will be heard starting at 1:30 pm on the 2nd floor of the Overtown Transit Villiage, 701 NW 1st Ct.

  • May 10
  • January 11
  • February 8
  • March 8 - Cancelled
  • April 12 - Cancelled
  • May 10
  • June 14
  • July 12
  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 8
  • December 13
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For more information about the Environmental Quality Control Board, email or call 305-372-6517.


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