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Small Business Enterprise - Construction

This program is a gender and race-neutral program for firms that are independent construction companies. It is designed to provide opportunities for firms that meet the following criteria:
  • Located and performing a commercially useful function in Miami-Dade County
  • Not exceeding three-year-average-gross receipts of $10 million for general building (NAICS 236, SIC 15), $6 million for heavy construction contractors (NAICS 237, SIC 16), and $5 million for specialty trade contractors (NAICS 238,SIC 17)
  • Local Business Tax Receipt for one year prior to certification
  • Qualifier must own at least 10 percent of the certified firm's issued stock
  • Personal net worth does not exceed $1.5 million for each owner
  • Owner can have only one Small Business Enterprise - Construction certified firm
  • Annual renewal of certification required

Projects Under Review

Small Business Enterprise - Construction projects and the review status of each are available online.

Contracting Opportunities

Opportunities for small business participation in Miami-Dade County construction projects have been expanded through the use of Small Business Enterprise – Construction measures. Small Business Enterprise – Construction certification is required by the Small Business Development Division in order to participate on County construction projects fulfilling Small Business Enterprise – Construction measures.

Qualified Small Business Enterprise – Construction firms wishing to bid on construction projects should monitor opportunities from several County departments, including:

In addition, the Small Business Enterprise – Construction has a Community Workforce Program. It is applicable to Capital Construction contracts entered into by contractor and subcontractors with Miami-Dade County for construction projects located in a Designated Target Area. These projects are subject to a Workforce Goal as established by SBD, in which the awarded firm is required to obtain a minimum of 10 percent of its labor force from the DTA in which the project is located, in accordance with Ordinance 03-237 and the corresponding Administrative Order 3-37 as amended.

In order to do business with Miami-Dade County, firms must be registered vendors. Vendor applications may be obtained from the Internal Services Department, Vendor Services.

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