Electrical Permits

The following items, forms and standard details are required for all electrical-related projects. Note there is an additional form required for Owner-Builder permits.

For more information, check How to Apply for a Permit and/or Homeowner’s General Permit information.

Visit Permit Exemption to verify if an electrical building permit is required. 

To obtain an electrical permit

A completed Building Permit Application (yellow form) is required. Select the permit type and the electrical category on the form.
  • An Electrical Fee Sheet must be submitted as part of a permit application. Fee sheets break down the cost of permit by category.
  • If a category indicates "needs processing", then plans must be submitted for plan review.

To obtain a temporary electric service permit

E-permitting for Contractors

This web application allows qualified contractors to submit applications, pay fees and print permit cards for subsidiary and stand-alone permits for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing and gas trades. Customers no longer need to come in person to the Permitting and Inspection Center to apply and receive these types of permits. Review the E-Permitting Guidelines.