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Traffic Signals & Signs

The Traffic Signals and Signs Division (TS&S) of the Miami-Dade Transportation and Public Works Department is responsible for operating and maintaining Miami-Dade County's traffic-related infrastructure to assure the safe and efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the arterial street network. TS&S has approximately 130 professional, technical and support staff working in the following areas.

Traffic signal operations and maintenance

The Miami-Dade County Traffic Control Center (TCC) contains one of the country's largest centralized traffic signal control systems. The original system was installed over a 10-year period beginning in 1975 and set the standard by which most computerized signal systems were installed throughout the country.

It monitored and controlled 2,000 traffic signals on all major arterials in Miami-Dade County for decades. Between 2005 and 2010, it was replaced with an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), which enabled further traffic flow improvements at all of the County’s 2,800 traffic signals.

The TCC is also home to the TS&S Division’s traffic signal operations staff. Using the aforementioned system, Signal Operations Engineers adjust the operation of the traffic signals to maximize the safety and throughput of vehicles and pedestrians to cater to demands as they change throughout the day and from day to day. Special patterns are also implemented to maximize the flow of traffic into and out of special events.

Traffic Signal field and bench technicians are on duty at all times to attend to any routine or emergency maintenance problems that arise with the system or the individual signalizations.


School speed zone and other flashing signs
The TS&S Division also operates and maintains about 750 school speed zone flashing signs and over 150 other flashing signs and reversible lane control gantries. The school speed zone flashers are turned on and off as required to warn motorists to slow down when they are in a school zone, thereby helping to assure the safety of elementary and middle school children. 
Roadway striping 
The TS&S Division has roadway striping personnel who replace faded pavement markings on county owned roads on a limited basis. The Department relies on contractors for major restriping projects.

Streetlight maintenance

The TS&S Division also maintains over 24,000 of the streetlights on Miami-Dade County arterials.

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