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Northeast Corridor

The Northeast Corridor is the Miami-Dade portion of the Coastal Link, which extends from Downtown Miami to the City of Aventura, along the existing Florida East Coast (FEC) railway tracks, approximately 13.5 miles.

DTPW celebrates a major milestone for the Northeast Corridor. In Dec. 2023, the corridor received a Categorical Exclusion from Washington, indicating that the construction and operation of the corridor would have no significant environmental impact. 

This rapid transit corridor promises to reduce congestion, lower carbon emissions, and improve access to economic opportunities and of course, this significant leap toward a more sustainable and efficient future aligns with the County's commitment to creating a vibrant, inclusive community. 

The existing Tri-Rail system is the only regional commuter rail service operating in all three counties. In the Tri-County area, there is a large transit-dependent market with over 175,000 zero-car households and nearly twice as many low-income households living below the poverty line. 

The SMART Program represents a vision for our region that is both strategic and far-reaching, creating a system of multiple transportation options by leveraging existing infrastructure, and integrating technology at the highest levels. The program is comprehensive, proactive and supports the future population and employment growth.

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DTPW recently hosted a virtual public meeting regarding the Northeast Corridor. Check out the presentation:


Map of Northeast Corridor

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