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Important Message

  • The Uber Voucher Program is now available for Metrobus riders in certain areas where specific bus routes have been altered.

Better Bus SHIFTS into Gear

Miami-Dade County has launched the Better Bus SHIFTS into Gear action plan. Led by riders and community, the plan improves Metrobus and MetroConnect service, increasing frequency through the biggest network overhaul in county history.
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Check out the new Metrobus network map.
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How will the new network impact your commute? Use the trip planner to better understand any changes to your frequently used bus routes.
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Route Book
Download or view the new Route Book for more information about each of the routes in the Metrobus service network.
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MetroConnect - our improved and expanded, free, on-demand, shared ride service - will augment our Better Bus system, providing support for some riders where needed for last mile connections.
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The reimagining of Metrobus service is creating better connections and an improved rider experience across Miami-Dade County. The new bus network dramatically increases transit access to jobs, education, healthcare and quality of life and uplifts our most vulnerable, including seniors, with significantly better services.

The initial phase was deployed on July 24, and Phase II, including newly added connections to the MetroConnect (Formerly GO Connect) on-demand service, was deployed on Nov.13, 2023. 

Riders are encouraged to become familiar with the new Trip Planning Tool, system map, and other information on this page to better plan your commute on the new Metrobus service network.

Read more about the project’s background. Your opinion matters! Complete this brief survey to share your feedback.

Helpful tips for passengers

  • A phone call away! Please call 311 or 305-468-5900 to get one-on-one personal customer service in English, Spanish or Creole, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Hearing or speech disability? Individuals with a hearing or speech disability can call Florida Relay at 711. The 311 Contact Center is closed on Sundays and holidays
  • Stay connected 24/7. Download the 311Direct or the GO Miami-Dade Transit app to stay connected
  • We’re here to help you! Look out for better bus on-street ambassadors starting October 16 to help guide you through the route changes
  • Look for new route information at the bus stops sign. Bus stop signs are being updated to help riders understand the changes for each route

Network Benefits

The new bus network will provide more service, for more people, with more frequency. Metrobus riders will experience the most significant service improvements in four decades.

Some of the benefits riders will see include:
  • The number of frequent routes on the network will increase from five to nineteen, forming a network of frequent lines covering most of the county
  • The number of residents who live 15-minute from frequent transit will increase from 380,000 (14%) to 814,00 (30%) during weekday service
  • The number of low-wage jobs that are near frequent transit service on Saturdays will more than double from 17% today to 42%
  • The number of minority residents near frequent transit will more than double from 13% to 30%
  • Weekend service will increase to near the same levels as weekdays, for most local routes
  • The new network will bring frequent transit service to more than a quarter million low-income residents, more than double the 119,000 who are near frequent transit today
  • The new network will bring frequent service near almost 60% of households without cars; that’s 20,000 additional households without cars near more frequent service
  • The number of African American residents near frequent transit nearly quadruples, from 43,000 to nearly 169,000 in November


Answers to our riders' most frequently asked questions.

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Permits for all work within rights-of-way and code enforcement of unpermitted work is also handled by our Public Works division.

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